Come Train with the Best

Meet the men behind the Ranger Special Forces Training Group. All of fully qualified Special Forces and Ranger Soldiers who have deployed to the world’s hottest places and survived.

Located at the home of the Royal Thai Army Special Warfare Command, Lop Buri Thailand is the center for development and training of the Royal Thai Army Airborne,  the Royal Thai Army Rangers and the Royal Thai Army Special Forces. An ideal place to live and train in some rugged conditions if you are ready, and a real killer if you are not!

Lt Gen. Chanit

Born in 1943,Graduated from CRMA in 1966.Has served as Platoon Leader of 6th RCT for 2 years and then as a heavy weapons platoon leader of 1st Bn.11th Inf.Reg.(Kings Guard).In 1969 served as XO of 2nd Company 1st Bn. 1st Reg. Black Panther Div. in South Viet Nam.After returning to Thailand he joined the Thai Special Forces,and in 1977 became the CO of 1st Inf.Bn. 1st Inf.Reg. 9th Inf.Div. In 1980 he returned to Thai Special Forces serving as S3 2nd SFG,XO 4th SFG,C/S 1st SF. Div, 2nd SFG Commanding Officer,G-3 SOCOM, School Commandant Special Warfare Center School,C/S of SOCOM, 1st SF.Div. Commanding General.And last position in SF served as the Dep. CG. Of SOCOM. He retired as the C/S of the Office of C/S of a Supreme Command.

He received his Bsc. From CRMA,MA.(Military Science),Ranger and Path Finder Ft.Benning Georgia,USA. In 1972.Field experience is over 40 years.

Decorations include the Thai Victory Medal and the US Bronze Star with “V” in Viet Nam.

Ken Richter: Director of Operations

Special Forces Combatives Master Instructor,US Special Forces,US Rangers

Served in the 82nd Airborne and Special Forces for 14 years,trained in Heavy and Light weapons,Intel,Operations,HALO,Tactical Special Forces SCUBA,Team SGT.Special Atomic Demolitions and related Special Forces training.A retired Viet Nam Veteran where he served with Det. A-219(Mike Force and Eagle Flight).He was selected to represent Special Forces on a special international demonstration team.

Has worked in Asia for over 30 years in the security related industry in Korea,China,Taiwan,Cambodia,Viet Nam,Malaysia,Singapore,Indonesia and Thailand.He is featured in the book”Hard Man Humble” as well as various newsprint,radio and TV shows in both Asia and the USA.

He is currently working for both the Royal Thai Tourist Police and the Royal Thai National Police as a Combatives Instructor. In Thailand he has worked with the Royal Thai Recon Marines,the Royal Thai Navy SEALS and the Royal Thai Special Forces.

Col. Sunya Nimnoul Director of Training

2LT- 1LT as PSYOP officer 1982 at PSYOP Bn. SWC.Ft . Narai, Lopburi. CPT as Ranger  and English Instructor 1987 at the Special Warfare School Erawan camp  Lopburi. MAJ. as PSYOP Co. Commander May 1994 at PSYOP Bn. SWC.

LTC. as Chief of Library & SF. Museum Branch of Research & Development Department SWC. Feb 2000.

COL 2003 : Airborne Special Warfare School RTA.1980 Ranger Special Warfare School RTA. 1980 Special Forces Qualification Course, Class # 6-84  Civil Affair course in 1984 at U.S.A. Special Warfare School JFK Ft. Bragg, NC, U.S.A. LAB Maintenance Course at Defense Language Center Lackland AFB., TX, U.S.A. Rule Of  Engagement  training at  RAAF Base Townsville, AUSFIELD  Coordinator Covert Operation Thai – Cambodian Tri- Coalition Forces 1985  Asst. Operation officer at Displaced Person Protection Unit 88

( Refugees Control ) 1988 PSYOP and Political officer at 2ndFOB , 2nd SF Reg. ( Thai – Laos Border ). SOCCE as Dept Commander PKF, Thai contingent in East Timor 1999 Coordinator   for PSYOP and SWCOM for Cobra Gold and Balance Torch Combined and Joint Exercises  and interpreter for CTX & FTX  since 1985 until 2003 Interpreter for VIP protection Course 2003 For Bangladesh soldiers.